Saturday Shred

Kids skateboarding everywhere!!!! And they aren’t breaking rules, defacing the church rails, or trying to land the “gnarliest” trick in your backyard pool bowl. They are at the Perkins Road Skatepark which holds the states largest skate park at 32 thousand square feet of cemented slopes, polished rails, and 80 degree angle pool bowls that allow the novice to the pro enjoy the area. The park is open until midnights on the weekend and on week nights the vibrantly lit area is open until 9.

If the specks of the place aren’t enough, events like Saturday Shred attract nearly a thousand kids out for a night of competition. Regular weekends also attract a crowd of about a thousand kids between Friday and Saturday.

If skateboarding isn’t your thing this 56 acre park has a rock wall, a BMX track, and a velodrome. The park took nearly two years to be renovated. Originally the area had a BMX track, but the people of Baton Rouge voiced their want for a skatepark as well, and BREC has delivered.

Kerrie Sully, a parent, enjoys coming to the park not only for her two kids enjoyment but also for herself. While she works out she enjoys the fact that this park allows her kids to try multiple activities. “I can watch my kids while their exploring their different interests.”

Susie Skaggs, the park director, came up with the idea of Saturday Shred. She wanted a place for kids to enjoy a Saturday night, while being able to do the activities they love. With the sun down but the aesthetic lighting of the park on, the park turns into a venue at night with all activities available including spots for local bands to play as the night carries into the late evening.


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