Windfarm Sunrise

A few weeks back I visited my friend Tina Phan who was doing an internship in Abilene, TX. I will post up some more stuff about our weekend but on the morning I was heading out, Tina and I rose very early so we could watch the sunrise among hundreds of windmills on a local wind farm there. The sights were pretty breath taking and for a weirdo green freak like myself, stumbling on one windmill they forgot to lock up was pretty D-A-M cool as well!!! It’s hard to explain or show how big these things are until your up close on one of them…

Thanks to Tina I was able to use her wide angle lens to capture just how big one of these suckers are.

I wasn’t expecting to see this out there, but just a good image of the now and the future.

This was the first shot I took once the sun was starting to fully show, it was a pretty sight out there.

I think Toyota might have a pretty good ad campaign with this pic.

And last is a slideshow of just some of the other views from a brave new world…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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