They ALL leave, but not for the same destination…

Coincidentally on the day that we removed the last of our combat troops from Iraq, I was sent out to Port Hudson today to cover a national cemetery that has begun to fill up. The cemetery is on the same grounds of a huge battle at this port during the Civil War. Many of the soldiers buried there are from past wars with only a few from the current struggle were in. Regardless, it caused me to stop and think about the troops of today leaving Iraq with a different destination then some of their brothers who went before them.

On your way out to the cemetery you come around a big bend and are met with your first sight of Port Hudson and it is eerie to see this immediately.

Port Hudson National Cemetery

Mark Loser was one of the nine full-time ground keepers at the cemetery, he is a veteran like many of the other people working at this site. Mark told me that he feels privileged to see soldiers off to their final resting place.

The cemetery is in the process of buying new land, however, it takes years to get through all the red tape of buying land for government use of burial. Right now the cemetery has enough space for about two more years. The most recent burials don’t have proper headstones yet, each headstone is purchased by the U.S. Government made off site and delivered.


One response

  1. josh

    powerful pictures.
    reminds me a little of arlington cemetary.
    So are you going to write a larger piece, on the cemetary, for your paper?

    August 20, 2010 at 3:27 pm

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